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Yes it is true that baby clothes don't last long with kids growing as fast as they do, but taking care of a babies clothes is still just as, if not more, important. One of the major reasons proper clothing care is so imperative is to protect an infant's skin from irritating substances. Because the household use of many different chemicals has increased in modern society, the sensitivity of human skin has increased, and babies have the most sensitive skin of all. A parent must be sensitive to any foods or substances that their children have allergies or intolerance to. In other ways, caring for children and infant's clothing is similar to adult clothing, but on a much smaller scale.

Powerful detergents are unnecessary even for adults, so it makes sense to buy one detergent that will work for the whole family. By using a mild detergent, all of the clothes will come out just as clean, but without the abundance of irritating substances that can cause problems for a baby's skin. In some circumstances it is better refrain from the use of any detergents at all. Instead soap for sensitive skin and hot water will get clothes clean, but will take more time. There are some "baby" detergents that are marketed to the young parent market as detergents that are better for babies' skin, but there is no real difference from these and other mild detergents. Baby detergents are only another way of marketing to the kid retail industry. When purchasing a mild detergent, parents should look for a substance with no added fragrances or colors.

Once the clothes are washed, drying them as directed should be fine without the use of a fabric softener. The best way to dry infant clothing is on a clothesline, but they should hang in an enclosed area that is not in contact with pollen or insects. It is important for the clothes to be completely dry before they are put away or worn by a child, and hanging the clothes on childrens clothes hangers will help keep their form. Baby clothes hangers and childrens hangers are an important part of clothing storage for kids because small garments tend to gather and lose their form more easily.

New clothes should always be washed before worn. Just like new clothes can be stiff and irritating to adults, new clothes are even worse for infants and small children. The same is true for any type of hand-me-downs. Dust mites and other irritating things can gather on any type of clothing that has been in storage.

Extra care should be taken in any circumstance involving an infant, and clothing care is only one of them. By following these few tips, skin irritation and other problems will be one less thing to worry about, and kids' clothes will stay looking good.

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