Perfect Mother's Day Gift Idea

MOM monogram name necklace at

Still looking for the perfect gift this mother's day? Drop by for their name necklace collection, designed in line with coming mother's day. This new name necklace is designed with beautiful laces with the word MOM written in it in monogram style. 

This name necklace can be written with any name, with 2-3 alphabets for the best effect. Therfore, this design is suitable for those with short name (NUR, ANA, AYU etc) and also perfect if you only want to personalize your name initial - in a stylish way.

Each of this monogram name necklace is handmade and cut out from Sterling silver sheet and finish with sparkling high polish finish. Free sterling silver chain included.

Throughout April, this name necklace is offered at a special discounted price of RM129.90 (NP RM159.90). So, don't miss out to give your mom the perfect mother's gift. Make sure to order early as it takes lots of handskill to produce each piece for the special person who means the world to you!

Jewelry Giveaway...Win free Sterling silver jewelry from MLC Jewels

Weekly Sterling silver jewelry are up for grab in the new MLC Jewels blogging reward.

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This giveaway program is opened from 1st December 2010 to 31st December 2010 to all bloggers who either operate a blogshop as well as personal blog. Throughout the month, weekly winner will be chosen to receive a collection of Sterling silver jewelry absolutely free.

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The jewelry prizes up for grab are made of genuine Sterling silver. Different designs will be offered weekly. Lucky winners will be informed by email and prizes will be send directly to your address. Each blogger who enters this giveaway stands a chance to win the prize every week throughout the month.

So, get rewarded by blogging and win yourself a free Sterling silver jewelry collection from MLC Jewels at

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Mother's Day giveaway contest

Baby gift idea/ baby toy - Fisher Price bounce and spin zebra

Fisher Price bounce and spin zebra is the best toy I've ever bought for my children. If you are looking for a perfect toy for your child, then I would gladly recommend this toy.

Fisher Price bounce and spin zebra is recommended for children age 12 to 36 months. Needless to say, it is a quality toy your child will love to play. The zebra allows your child to actually ride on it. It can bounce and spin as well - and is accompanied with music too. Both my daughters enjoy playing with this zebra from the day I bought 2 years ago until now. So far, though they frequently bounce and spin on the zebra, it never spoiled.

The color of the zebra is captivating for small children and the broad base makes it stable too!

The zebra may be pricey but it is definitely worth the money. My children just love this toy.
Buy at Click here: Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Bounce & Spin Zebra

A proven way to early reading

As a mother, naturally, I was looking for a programme to help my children to read. With more emphasis being put to teach children to read early nowadays, childrens' education has become a good business to many. So many programmes are being introduced with promises to children being able to read early in life.

As an anxious parent trying to teach my child to read, I was easily tempted by such promises. Some programmes I surveyed even cost as much as RM2000. I bought a few programmes to aid my child to read. One of it being a famous approach that requires parents to show words as a early as the child is a very small baby in hope that the child will figure out the sound of the letters all by his or herself (in fact, I've read good reviews on this approach and even watch a video of a 9 month old baby being able to read words that are shown on few flkashcards. Of course, the 9 month old infant could not say out the word but she can actually point to the things or even acted out the words shown to hear. Impressive, isn't it?)

Unfortunately, the method just didn't work for my daughter. Frankly, I do not know whether it does not suit my daughter or I did not show enough words to her (despite I thought I've tried my best). Honestly, at a point, I was a bit upset and frustrated with myself for not being successful at teaching my daughter to read.

But then, my elder sister who used to live in Miri, Sarawak came back. I was frankly surprised to see her 3 year old daughter, who is only 5 days older than my daughter, is already reading books. Wow! That's amazing. Of course, she did not read as we adults read books. She had to spell out the words first before she could read it. But that's ok for a start. True enough, after sometimes, my niece starting to read without having to spell the words first.

So, I began to look into the books and methods used by my sister. My sister told me earlier that the beginner's level of the set consists of 8 books, flashcards and a teaching guide VCD. A friend of hers back in Miri was recommending the book to her. Well, the first thing came to mind was the set must be expensive, but nevermind, I'm still buying it anyway.

However, a good buy does not necessarily be expensive. To add to my amusement, the whole set of the beginners level only cost RM39.90.

The book, Read Easy Phonics is written by a couple, Nik Eliani Nik Nawi and Othman Ahamad who had been introducing the system of phonetics approach to teach children to read for about 10 years. I would say they make a great couple. In fact, I had the chance to meet them and talk to them in a course held by them on teaching children to read. They started out with Bacalah Anakku, a Malay early reading series and now is expanding and sharing their knowledge in English version. These two writers really know what they are doing.

Now, after 3 months starting my daughter on the programme, I could see improvement in her ability to read. Starting out with short 2 to 3 times reading sessions per day, now, she is already reading simple words. I even supplement this programme with another phonics based storybook, just to keep things interesting for my daughter. Whatever it is, the initial part of the process was the most difficult. However, once your child is able to understand the concept that each letter has certain sound and the sounds can be blended to form words, then, things get easier for both of you.

If you are serious about looking an early reading programme, I would highly recommend you to have a look at Read Easy Phonics and Bacalah Anakku early reading series. These books can be found at your local bookstore in Malaysia, or, if you prefer to buy it through the internet, you can simply click on the title of the book highlighted in red. 

Malaysian children and baby clothing homes

Ever since getting to know the internet as an alternative to shopping trips to the mall, my love for this current way of buying just grew biger and bigger. It simply provides me the convenience to shop - wherever and whenever I want; and most of the time, I do it at night - after my children has gone to bed. Outing is no more about searching the right clothes or buying products; in fact, it has become a time purely for my children. Of course, I still go to the shop for groceries, but I find more quality times for the family during the weekends (how I wish groceries can be done through the net too!  :-)   ).

I buy from the internet from Malaysian sites, as well as sites based in overseas. It is really simple... the only thing is that, of course, the shipping from overseas sites are more expensive. However, I personally think it is just worth it, especially when I just can't find a particular product being sold in Malaysia.

Being said that, I would just love to share my two favourite Malaysia shopping sites for my children clothings. Maybe you've heard of them or have even bought from them. I simply love their collections and so far had never had any problem buying at


Check this out!


Baby Clothes Care

Yes it is true that baby clothes don't last long with kids growing as fast as they do, but taking care of a babies clothes is still just as, if not more, important. One of the major reasons proper clothing care is so imperative is to protect an infant's skin from irritating substances. Because the household use of many different chemicals has increased in modern society, the sensitivity of human skin has increased, and babies have the most sensitive skin of all. A parent must be sensitive to any foods or substances that their children have allergies or intolerance to. In other ways, caring for children and infant's clothing is similar to adult clothing, but on a much smaller scale.

Powerful detergents are unnecessary even for adults, so it makes sense to buy one detergent that will work for the whole family. By using a mild detergent, all of the clothes will come out just as clean, but without the abundance of irritating substances that can cause problems for a baby's skin. In some circumstances it is better refrain from the use of any detergents at all. Instead soap for sensitive skin and hot water will get clothes clean, but will take more time. There are some "baby" detergents that are marketed to the young parent market as detergents that are better for babies' skin, but there is no real difference from these and other mild detergents. Baby detergents are only another way of marketing to the kid retail industry. When purchasing a mild detergent, parents should look for a substance with no added fragrances or colors.

Once the clothes are washed, drying them as directed should be fine without the use of a fabric softener. The best way to dry infant clothing is on a clothesline, but they should hang in an enclosed area that is not in contact with pollen or insects. It is important for the clothes to be completely dry before they are put away or worn by a child, and hanging the clothes on childrens clothes hangers will help keep their form. Baby clothes hangers and childrens hangers are an important part of clothing storage for kids because small garments tend to gather and lose their form more easily.

New clothes should always be washed before worn. Just like new clothes can be stiff and irritating to adults, new clothes are even worse for infants and small children. The same is true for any type of hand-me-downs. Dust mites and other irritating things can gather on any type of clothing that has been in storage.

Extra care should be taken in any circumstance involving an infant, and clothing care is only one of them. By following these few tips, skin irritation and other problems will be one less thing to worry about, and kids' clothes will stay looking good.

About the Author: Ron Maier is the owner of Only Kids Hangers, a leading provider of baby clothes hangers The right baby hangers really make the difference in and baby nurseries kid's retail. For more information, please visit
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