Malaysian children and baby clothing homes

Ever since getting to know the internet as an alternative to shopping trips to the mall, my love for this current way of buying just grew biger and bigger. It simply provides me the convenience to shop - wherever and whenever I want; and most of the time, I do it at night - after my children has gone to bed. Outing is no more about searching the right clothes or buying products; in fact, it has become a time purely for my children. Of course, I still go to the shop for groceries, but I find more quality times for the family during the weekends (how I wish groceries can be done through the net too!  :-)   ).

I buy from the internet from Malaysian sites, as well as sites based in overseas. It is really simple... the only thing is that, of course, the shipping from overseas sites are more expensive. However, I personally think it is just worth it, especially when I just can't find a particular product being sold in Malaysia.

Being said that, I would just love to share my two favourite Malaysia shopping sites for my children clothings. Maybe you've heard of them or have even bought from them. I simply love their collections and so far had never had any problem buying at


Check this out!



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